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They start thinking that the other line of work would've been better. Such people's money is blocked with other people and others even end up running away with their money. They spend a lot of money on their business, which never comes back to them. They're always indebted, as they don't spend money wisely. If good: You can become a very good lawyer, astrologer or singer. You can be good in politics.

Remedies: Wear a steel or iron ring in your small finger on Wednesday. Do Durga Maa Puja. Additional problems created by Mercury Begetting children, or child won't have a good brain and may not be good at maths, language, and physical exercise.

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Child's teeth may also not be good. Such people won't be able to smell properly. Remedies: Clean your teeth with fitkari this is not for the health of your teeth, but just as a remedy for Mercury. Give food to ants and fish. Keep an iron ball with you. To verify if you have this, symptoms: Your tongue starts to get caught between your teeth. Getting blisters on the tongue. Your tongue starts to become white.

Colour of All Planets - What is the Colour of Rahu, Ketu, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn

Singing becomes very difficult Causes swelling in throat. Causes thyroid problem. Causes coughing. Your voice becomes too heavy.

Budh Puja, Budh Mantra and Remedies

If you're a singer, your voice becomes harsh. Remedies: Give food to little girls or unmarried girls. If you give donation, then you must forget about it. Look at your face in oil, then ask God to take bad things out of you and then donate it. Every Wednesday, throw a copper coin in water. Take Brahmi. Eat Mattha but not cold.

Don't ever keep a pet bird in cage. Keep it in open if you have to. Feed a goat some green grass on Wednesdays. Your Message. My cart 0. Contact Now. Wishlist 0. New Customer?

http://bbmpay.veritrans.co.id/la-fuliola-como-conocer-gente.php Sign up. Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer. Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio. Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces. Numerology Vashikaran Astro Planets. Palmistry Astrology Shop Kalsarpa Yoga. Gemstones Kundli Dosha Spells. The planet Mercury and its Transit The Mercury planet is known to affect various things in our life like the kind of communications we have with other people, it is an indicator of travel and is known to give short trips in every day routine when it is in regular transit in the birth chart.

He loves challenges has a strong sense of color, is very loud, needs undivided attention, craves the spotlight, has a gift of great storytelling, is fiercely protective, courageous, motivating, supportive, has a flair of expressing and loves a lot of drama. Here the native is a systematic thinker, likes to plan ahead and schedule everything, likes to know how everything works, is technical and likes to be the Master of every technique. A native with Budh in his 7 th house is diplomatic, gracious, does not like conflicts or arguments, changes mind all the time, is indecisive and has a tendency to overschedule.

He likes to please everyone, looks for common victory, can be influenced by other people easily, is a sensible person and craves support. Mercury in Scorpio makes a native productive who does not like to do anything halfway. He has a high level of concentration, loves solving problems and puzzles, enjoys working behind the scene, has an inner need to feel powerful, comes up with transformational ideas, wants to know the hidden hierarchy of everything, and sometimes can be too deep for people. Here the native has big, bold ideas, can take risks, enjoys multi-tasking, is independent, has hard time concentrating, loves learning new languages, has grand ideals, gets excited easily, exaggerates wildly, is funny, can get along with diverse groups, is tactless, a motivational speaker, loves reading and a good entrepreneur.

A native with Budh in 10 th house is a clear-minded person, gets to the point fast, processes emotions in a linear way, is interested in traditions, is obsessively ambitious, even thinks like a leader, loves responsibility, dislikes distractions, can be harsh at times, prefers to work alone, often plays the role of a provider, enjoys speaking like a wiser person and is obsessed with hierarchy. Here the native tends to be witty, entertaining, social, friendly, a great team player, spontaneous, open-minded, out of the box thinker, a people pleaser, politician and loves technology.

Here, the native tends to get absorbed in his own thoughts, treats feelings as facts, communicates in a linear way, is abstract, dreamy, creative, rebel, and of helpful nature. He needs a lot of support and reassurance through the emotional upheavals he experiences. Natives with weak Budh suffer from diseases like a nervous breakdown, skin diseases, impotence, insomnia, speech defects, lack of concentration, blood pressure, and sugar.

They should worship Mercury on Wednesdays to remove the obstacles from their lives. Jothishi , Planets-Graha. Buddha or planet Mercury is responsible for your daily expressions and communication. The planet is also considered neutral and changes its characteristics based on its…. It is not a physical planet, it is invisible and a mere point…. There are seven planets that rule us. Additionally, the two shadow planets Rahu and Ketu…. Guru- Brihaspati The biggest planet of our solar system, Jupiter is far beyond the asteroids.

Mercury as Atmakaraka in Astrology - Lessons from the Buddha Avatar

In diameter, it is 10 times bigger than the Earth…. Fictitious Graha - Rahu Unlike other planets, Rahu is not present physically in the solar system. Rahu is basically a cluster of imaginary points in…. Different Raja yogas take place as a…. It is the most….

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