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  1. Aries (March 21 - April 19)
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Moon Aspects.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

What is the opposite of full moon? Need antonyms for full moon? Here's a list of opposite words from our thesaurus that you can use instead. During a Full Moon, the Moon is sitting opposite the Sun and is fully illuminated as it reflects the light of the Sun. We can help you with time zones if needed, as there are some issues regarding the accuracy of time zone information in all astrology software programs.

The full moon in Pisces on August 26th will allow our zodiac signs to weigh the options when it comes to unconditional love. Full Moon in Capricorn may happen only in the end of June and in the beginning of July, when the Sun moves in Cancer, the zodiac sector opposite to Capricorn.

Kari Samuels - Moon Phases - Astrology For Your Birth Chart

The name Full Red Moon can look like a mistake when considering the term "Blue Moon," which is commonly defined as the second full Moon in a month, such as occurs this August. At this particular time, in this Year of Dog with all the planetary action at play and Mercury Retrograde , we are being asked to bring the focus inward and gaze deeply into the mirror of Self so we can truly come.

Being so close to the Galatic Center is going to amplify and upgrade the energy of this Full Moon and raise the frequency of planet Earth. Gibbus Moon Phase. Something can come to fruition, culmination, or a turning point. These times of the month denote the most powerful lunar times. This is the last full moon period before the ensuing high point of the spiritual festivals of the year, the full moons from Aries to Gemini.

Aries The Moon in Aries gives you energy to accomplish many things, but leaves you hungry for emotional support that always seems elusive. In short, Sagittarius shows us the world outside of ourselves, from foreign shores to other cultures and. Coupled with a sensual almost obsessive energy. When the Full Moon in Gemini arrives, its theme of dualities will bring many choices your way. If you were born with the Moon in Virgo, you are known for your intellect, curious mind, and intuition. Build your team. Regardless of whether we were born in the sign of Taurus or not, we will all be infiltrating this constellation.

Fear not the name though. The full Moon marks a time for completion: of coming to terms with what has been 'grown' since the new Moon, and taking stock of your bounty.

Transit Planets

This is the Moon chart for the year On top of all that, February's Full Moon taking place on February 19th is yet another full moon taking place in the critical degree of zero. Being able to read an astrology chart is an art form. Scorpio likes to be in control, and will try to take the lead in that dance which can cause some soul pain.

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Each new and full moon has a divination element involved from an animal spirit to a runestone. This moon calculator is considerably different than our planet calculator. When you know what cosmic energies are coming your way, you can better deal with — and harness them to your advantage. The Full Moon rises in service-oriented Virgo on March 1, Learn more about your natal chart. New Year's supermoon A supermoon occurs when the moon is at perigee — its closest point to Earth in its monthly orbit.

That one side of the planet finds clarity in the Full Moon and the other sees lunacy simply sings of the moment's astronomy: there is an opposition between Sun and Moon.


Countdown to the New Moon. This is a harvest full moon that's full of potential for increasing prosperity, fulfillment and healing on all levels. Scorpio is the most intense sign, full of passion and depth, and so full moons in Scorpio tend to be highly emotionally charged as we deal with serious situations and face the darker aspects of life.

What Moon phase were you born under? Fill in your date of birth and press calculate to get your Moon phase and interpretation. Although Eclipses always fall on the day of a New Moon Solar or a Full Moon Lunar , they are less frequent and listed on a different page. We give you our one page version here.

Expect the unexpected in relationships and money as a result, which should help to propel you forward into a life that is more liberating and authentic. Full Moon couples often connect on a deeper level thanks to the vulnerability this moon brings.

5 Things You Should Know About The (NEW MOON On March 17th)

A Full Moon in Libra promises an ending, culmination, conclusion, or end of a phase, probably keyed to a relationship or to many relationships, as the individual assesses their part in a larger, group picture. The shift of the North Node into Leo has been asking for increased self-expression. Its effect on your horoscope cannot be.

According to Hindu astrology, The Moon rules over your mind, while the Sun rules your soul. Unfortunately, both aspects are challenging so this full moon could bring relationship uncertainty and tension. This means a time of major new beginnings!. This Full Moon is unusual. This attracts us to ideas and people that put things into an inspired frame, rather than one that's demoralizing.

That is why it is entertaining to know the phases of the Full Moon in There are 12 Full Moons this year, one in each month of the year. The Full Moon in Scorpio will be exact just before midnight on the 3rd May In this phase, the Moon and Sun are in opposition to each other on opposite sides of the Earth. The full "Harvest Moon" occurs Sept. PDT , and all hell is apt to break loose.

How The September 12222 Full Moon Will Affect You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The May 18 full moon is traditionally known as the Flower Moon, and this time around it's also a Blue Moon. The November 12 full moon may pose communication and relationship problems because it is opposite Mercury retrograde. The aspects to this Full Moon want you to find a system that helps you expand. This is an ideal time to finish outstanding projects, complete health goals, and submit job applications. Full Moons occur when the Sun and Moon are on the opposite sides of the Earth, and in opposite signs.

Eclipses reflect points of change and crisis, and push us into situations that effect that change — in Leo, the crisis is around how to feel more engaged with your life. The full moon has also been linked to the menstrual cycle and the most well-known myth about the lycanthrope. This is a time for us to explore the alchemy of transformation, this is a time for us to focus not on what we are doing, but how we are doing it and to remember that we are always on the right path. They can signify times to complete something or make the decision to abandon it.

Scorpio is the Moon's weakness because it's the sign of her fall. That's right, cosmic warriors, there are two eclipses this month. Lunar phases in astrology are known as lunations. So you have transiting Neptune conjunct your Ascendant too. This new moon which will be especially strong for you.

What’s your moon phase?

Thanks Jamie. For instance, he has 5th and 6th houses in Cancer and 11th and 12th houses in Capricorn. His 1st H is Aquarius and then it jumped 2nd H in Aries. There are two other houses that skipped the order. Thank you so much for taking time. Is it an oversight? Please check. This is such blessing! New Moon conj natal Jupiter 18 deg which in sextile with Saturn in Capricorn.